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well. the chp sent out a fog advisory saying things are especially bad in vacaville and davis 580 east and. all of the bridges. slow down, leave plenty of room between you and the car in front of you. anne makovec cbs 5. somewhere out there there is a full moon today. >> is there. we just can't see it. >> are let's get over to brian hackney and find out what's going on. >> you know, saturday morning was nice and clear and sunday, wham, we got the fog and we'll get clearing a little bit later. it will be a sunny day but first we have this to contend with. if you come on 24, you'll be looking at the fog. livermore at the airport, it's clear. here close to the shoreline we
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have fog. you head over the golden gate bridge, and look at that, it looks like you're looking at the golden gate bridge through a shower curtain. 39 degrees in santa rosa, so the fog will be hanging around for a few hours. it should mix out fairly quickly this morning and man, do we have more to talk about. things with r going to turn ultra wet beginning wednesday. we'll have all the details. first let's see how the fog is affecting the drive. here's elizabeth. >> reporter: yeah, i was shocked coming in. i've never seen the bay plaza covered in this much fog. you can barely make out the headlights. chp issued several dense fog advisories on pretty much all of the bridges this morning. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge. a little clearer past the toll plaza. the drive time 14 minutes
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between hayward and to the they are city. and -- foster city. once again, not impacting your drive time but you will want to take it extra slow. it will be difficult to see. according to chp they drive on interstate 80 they said visibility was 100 yards or less. that's going to be a slow going all the way down on westbound and eastbound 80. mass transit would be a great idea and so far b.a.r.t. is on time, all trains running like clock work. a vallejo father is behind r bars accused of shooting a 17- year-old boy to death. >> the boy's 19-year-old son called him after getting into a fight at a party. randy williams came to the party and opened fired. the name of the teen has not been released. busy holiday weekend for oakland pd, two women became the latest homicide victims,
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both shot to death in east oakland. that brings the number of murders this is weekend to 4 and a total 115 people killed this year alone. a neighbor near the latest killing says shelfs like a prisoner in his -- she feels like a prisoner in her own home. >> i don't walk in this neighborhood. i walk at the lake. it's scary. >> police say they have little information. and there were two other killings on saturday over the weekend. one was an 18-year-old woman, the other a 19-year-old man. three people from the bay area are among four killed in a crash near placerville. a prius and a mini van collided head on on highway 50. a man, woman and child all from san francisco died in the prius. a 4-year-old girl in the van also died. the prius veered into oncoming
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traffic. it's not yet clear why. a man and woman are dead and their teenage son is missing after they were swept out to e sea. the teen jumped into the water to save the family dog who had been pulled in by 10-foot waves. the three ended up in the water trying to save each other. the parents bodies were found. the dog survived. a mystery in san francisco's burnell heights neighborhood , what was the source of a carbon monoxide leak. the department of health tried to learn how 14 people became exposed to carbon monoxide. >> when we arrived, we checked the residence with our air monitors and we found no sign of carbon monoxide. however, we checked the residence and they had showed signs of carbon monoxide on
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them. >> the battalion chief said most of the victims suffered only minor exposure. they checked the house and could not find the source of the carbon monoxide. violent clashes continue in egypt between supporters and critics of the recently elected president. security officials say a teenager was killed and dozens more were injured in dominor yesterday when protesters tried to storm officers. the protest began over president morsi's vision to give himself unprecedented powers. morsi contends his decree is temporary. when office holders get their paychecks next month, they'll find them smaller. top officials from governor brown and 120 members of the state legislature will be
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getting a 5% pay cut. the pay cut is minimal compared to the cuts she took when she left san francisco for the the state job. she will earn $100,000 less than her san francisco attorney's job, gascon. but money isn't the people run for office. >> they're doing it because of a variety of factors, including the pursuit of power, the ambition to go to higher places and they want to give back to their community. >> the 5% pay cut was ordered by california's citizens compensation commission. it comes on top of the pay cuts totaling 18% over the past 3 years along with the elimination of fringe benefits. 6:37 now, there are -- 4:37, now, there are just five weeks until america goes over the fiscal cliff. susan mcginnis is in washington with what republicans and
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democrats now say they are willing to do to reach a deal. >> reporter: president obama and congress begin negotiations this week to avoid are the coming fiscal cliff, about $6 billion in tax hikes and spending cuts that will kick in. both sides say they're looking for ways to compromise. >> that's what it's about, if regan and o'neill can do it, obama should be able to do it. >> reporter: but republicans have consistently voted against any deal that raises tax revenue. >> the key is whether or not the republicans will move away from the id logically rigid tradition which was the grove pledge that they will not go for additional revenue. >> reporter: for the first time the antitax pledge seems to be negotiable. >> when you're $16 trillion in debt, the only pledge we should be making to each other is to
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avoid the coming grief and republicans should put revenue on the table. >> reporter: but new revenue doesn't necessarily mean new taxes. >> i would be very much opposed to raising tax rates, but i believe we can close a lot of loopholes. >> reporter: and democrats say just closing loopholes and cutting deductions isn't enough. >> we have to raise additional revenues and tax rates on the wealthy. >> reporter: in any deal, republicans insist on big cuts to entitlement programs like medicare and social security. susan mcginnis, cbs washington. today it's stay at home and shop. cbs 5 cate cauguiran in the news room with cyber monday. good morning. >> we can expect cyber monday discounting to be equally competitive. what's new this year, the
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explosion of shoppers one and four will be using mobile devices to get the best deal. that's nearly double from last year and it trend that's expected to continue. retailers are anticipating about 129 million consumers to show from their offices to today. cyber monday is proving technology is a game changer for the shopping industry. >> online retailers have made great strides in making it very easy for people to return things, paste on shipping labels, free shipping and returns. >> to find the best deals, here are a few tips for savvy shoppers. some are offering deals by the hours. if you have an amazon prime account you can share that with five people. and it's best to use web sites like google products to compare
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prices. big box stores are fighting back. tomorrow best buy, target, toys "r" us, will match an online price in an effort to get you to buy now. and visit our web site at monday. reporting live in the news room. frank and michelle back to you. some bay area commuters say they are sick and tired of silicon valley's special shuttle buses. >> how they're breaking the law and what city leaders say can be done about. >> if they're eating every three hours or so, that's 7 to 8 feedings a day. >> california's record breaking babies go home for the holidays. we'll catch up with these big triplets when we come back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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she said it best, the a circus came to glendale california for the first time this weekend, and it made a big splash. >> thanks to that guy right there. unfortunately not for what happened under the big top. the 4-year-old camel escaped its handlers and made it to a nearby gas station. traffic did stop until she was safely back in the enclosure. >> can you imagine seeing that running down the street. not needed -- not native to glendale california. this week the city will give the airport permission to fire guns to keep birds away from the airfield. they would fire blanks but could use bird shot if the birds do not leave. san jose has had 100 bird are
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strikes. muny buses are feeling the squeeze. facebook, google, apple offer a private bus to take workers from the city here in san francisco down to the silicon valley, but those shuttles can cause big problems for other commutes, they block bus stops. >> they pose challenges as far as loading and unloading in our zones or near our zones and that does cause a problem. what we're doing is working with with the stake holders around, working with the businesses to ensure that we put together policy recommendations to find solutions. >> metropolitan transportation authority has talked about new roles that use public bus stops. it's 4:45 right now. >> it's monday, too. >> time just keeps rolling on. >> it was hard driving in the fog this morning. >> you should be seen it yesterday morning. >> were you not up early. >> i slept in yesterday. >> we were not among the living. >> you'll see that it was just
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as foggy yesterday as it is this morning. we have big changes coming up weather wise this week. we're starting off with visibility near zero coming across the golden gate bridge. and livermore it's 40 degrees right now. in the headlines, a lot of fog this morning. it will clear out earlier today than it did yesterday. sunny and mild in the day. and then rain moves into the bay area beginning tomorrow night and wednesday, thursday, friday, sat saturday sunday, as far as you look out it's wet in the bay area. this is not picking up the fog. but never theless, you see how -- never the less you see high clouds in california. and if you heading out it's going to slow you down another the airport. 65 at sfo. over night low will be 52. los angeles looks a little bit cloudy and chicago and denver.
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partly cloudy at new york with 48 degrees. for the bay area, the numbers will recover mostly to the mid- 60s so a little bit milder today than it was yesterday, and tonight, it's going to be a little bit on the chilly side. extended forecast is where things get interest. we get some today and some tomorrow and increase the clouds. gail watch are posted along the coast beginning tuesday night. and thursday and friday, you look ahead as far as we can see, it stays wet. stay tuned for the weather and for the traffic, here's elizabeth. and the fog is what's causing a lot of issues this morning. fortunately accident wise we've stayed quiet since we've been on the air at 4:30. this is a live look. we sent are photographers out all over the bay area this morning. this is coming into san francisco on 280 and you can see as though cars make they way northbound, that fog blanketing downtown san francisco. let's see elsewhere, we have a camera crew this morning down in south bay. this is san jose, 101 near the
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mckee exit. headlights are moving northbound and so far a smooth ride if you're heading southbound into san jose. fog is the name of the game. you're going to be hearing us say that a lot this morning. let's go to the other live traffic cameras and our maps. this is what a looks across the golden gate bridge. this is a live look at you approach the pay gate and it's difficult to see if there's a car on the road or if they're doing any lane changes. we'll let you know what we can see and visibility is down to about a hundred feet or less, especially on interstate 80. out towards vacaville, the chp, says these drive byes where they issue the dense fog advisory and they issued one for pretty much every bridge across the bay area. as you can see, not a surprise this morning. some folks may be heading out of town after the long holiday weekend. this is what it looks like on
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101 near candle stick and it looks okay now except for the fog down towards the airport at 101 and 280, you don't like driving in all the thick fog, mass transiting, nothing really to know. no delay for b.a.r.t., ace, muny, and that is traffic and weather together. 4:48, today's health watch, staying active may slow alzheimer's and dementia. they looked at relationships between active lifestyle and they found more gray matters in adults that stayed active. too much or too literal exercise can be -- little exercise can be bad for your knees. they looked at the cartilage in niece in adults in a four year period. those who participated in running, lost cartilage in
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their knees and swimming and walking much easier on your knees. and it appears childhood injuries related to inflatable bouncers are on the rise, that's according to a study published in the journal of pediatrics. bounce houses and moon walks are are popular at parties but experts say they can put children at risk risks fractures, strains and collisions and. an average of 31 children injured per day. >> they're fun, though. but need to be careful. northern california is home to the world'sest heaviest triplets. we introduced you to the dean babies. >> and now they're home, healthy and as lawyer -- laurie wallace shows us. >> reporter: a day in the life with three precious bundles. >> he is the oldest and he was
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the smallest. >> reporter: little jensen, 5 pounds 5 1/2 ounces. not quite as big as elliot. >> he was 7 pounds,s 3-ounces. >> and the youngest and biggest of the three, sidney. >> he came out at 7 pounds 3- ounces. >> reporter: naturally conceived triplets. >> i was scared. i was nervous. i was shocked. >> reporter: carried almost to full term and tipping the scale like no set of siblings before them. >> we knew it was a possibility that they might be record breakers. >> reporter: and they were. 20 pounds of baby. this holiday week, they're finally all home together. >> the biggest adjustment is kind of to our sleep schedule. they eat about every 3 or 4 hours at night and i'm accustomed to sleeping all
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night. >> reporter: the three babies born on november 8th, it's been a bit of a juggling act. >> it was tough to have one in the hospital. britney was going in the morning and i would go in the evacuation, so it was so great to finally have the third one home, have everyone home at one time and be a family. >> reporter: a nursery, mom and dad's arms and lots of visitors. >> we had a lot of help from family we've had friends and coworkers and neighbors stopping by the house bringing food. >> reporter: the triplet, one of a kind and three times the cuteness. >> it becomes less about yourself and more as the family. >> this is when you get the grandparents over so you can nap and they can take care of the. >> this is where you love the inlaws, whether you love them or not. >> dad sounded a little bit tired there. >> he does. but the kids are lovely.
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the long holiday weekend led to record numbers at the box office, was it bella or bond that brought in the big crowd. and he got his start online, but now justin biebers reign of youtube is over. who took the top spot. >> we'll be right back. before cold & flu season, help prevent with lysol disinfectant spray. and use the lysol no touch hand soap for 10 times more protection with each wash.
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this season, a good offense is the best defense. lysol. mission for health. uh... um... hm... umm... uh... oh ! the windows phone 8x by htc on verizon. it features easy to navigate live tiles that are simple to customize. just pin what matters most right to your homescreen. exclusively with data sense-- a feature that makes the most of you plan. only on verizon.
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it's foggy this morning. it's going to stay that way for the next few hours, then sunshine and man is it going to be wet after that. stay tuned. it's going to be an interesting commute this week. we're going to say fog a lot this morning. the best way to say is you can see it. coming up we'll show you where chp has issued several dense
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fog advisories. three block buster movies combine to produce record block buster records. breaking down, two, sky fall, and earned about $290 million for the holiday weekend. that began wednesday. breaking dawn part 2 earned $62 million, and sky fall, lincoln, rise of the guardians and life of pi rounded out the top 5. they've been doing this for 50 years, the rolling stones, they still got it folks. >> ♪ i say hey, you, get off of my cloud ♪ note. >> they can still walk, talk and man they can sing. the stones kicked off the 50th 50th anniversary tour in london. the sell out concert was the first of five shows, their average age now is 68.
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"psy" has topped you-tube.. broke the record.. and this guy wowed the world with the gangnam style. now cy has top youtube. he broke the record held by justin bieber for the most watched youtube video. he had more than 813 million viewers. and biebers baby has just under 800 million. and has only been online since the summer, since july. he's taking the world by storm again. >> it is a catchy song. >> once you hear it, it's in your head all day long. >> you get john miller to do it from the giants. >> i remember that. >> that was pretty funny. the morning commute, it could be a big mess. >> reporter: because fog is enshrouding the bay right now. visibility is very low. we'll take a look at it coming
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up. and a secret hidden in the confetti at this year's thanksgiving parade in manhattan, why it may have put thousands of identities at risk coming up. ,,
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offers.. in order to avoid e california state lawmakers take a pay cut while lawmakers in dc start making offers, in order to avoid the fiscal cliff. and if you are commuting, we have a foggy start to the workweek as drivers are slowing down. bay area bridges are bogged down. >> that's the problem this morning, it's foggy. it's chilly, it's wet. it's cold. it will be sunny later in the day and will turn wet later in the week. details ahead. this has to be affecting traffic. yeah, and you can see it this morning. a lot of traffic cameras showing no big accidents but this is downtown san francisco, that fog blanketing downtown. a full look at your monday morning drive mi

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